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Bees in our day to day...

What is the relationship between a glass of milk and the bee?

It's very simple, the seeds of grasses that livestock consume originate from plants that are pollinated by bees. No grass they will be no cows and without cows there will be no milk.

Did you know that many medications for headache would disappear if the bees became extinct?

Its component base, acetylsalicylic acid depends directly on bee pollination, since it comes from willow flower.

Would have given you realized that a significant percentage of clothes you’re setting is due to the work of a bee?

Cotton is one of the favorite flowers of the bees, and with this interaction we can have enough flowering to be able to dress.

______________________________________________ Percentage of pollination of bees

The work of bees not only mean a production of honey and other derivatives of the hive, thanks to them many of the fruits and vegetables we eat today exist. Meet the percentage pollen that bees per fruit in this chart.



- Planting plants with flowers in your garden that will be attractive to bees (lavender, rosemary, plants or herbs, citrus)

- Do not kill bees

- Make your contribution to organizations that have as mission to save the bees, by promoting care of the ecosystems.

- Disseminates the message and creates awareness among family and friends.

- Become a beekeeper.

______________________________________________ FOOD CHAIN

It is important that you know everything that derives from the work of the bees. This simple drawing explains very well the chain production.

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