Who are We

ONG Plan Bee is a non-profit organization, legally constituted in February 2012 and is physically located in the V Region, Chile. It was formed in 2011 when a group of professionals of Rejipro S. A, a company dedicated to the extraction of bee propolis and sustainability, it was able to identify in the field that the life of the hives is at risk, a situation confirmed by various authorities and scientists throughout the world in recent years.


This Agency has as objective basis study which are the factors that hinder the proliferation of bees in Chile and what are the main causes of his death, through technical tools, logistics, educational, investigative and operational, to value its importance, enhance their development, collaborating with the ecosystem, to educate the society and finally improve the economic producers of beekeeping and agricultural conditions.


ONG Plan Bee has as projection be a body which achieve a global social impact that modify the behaviour of the human being with regard to dealing with bees and ecosystems, with their actions directly affecting their way of life, which should be oriented to achieve a green and eco-friendly planet for future generations


ONG Plan Bee considers these 7 values as cornerstones of development in their work and social participation:








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Organization chart

Organization chart